The truest form of coziness and culinary bliss

A private Chef, preparing with you Incredible dishes, in a charming historic house with a stunning view on the city center.

Step up your stay in Turin and enjoy an unique interactive unconventional food experience

Quick details

Event type: Private, One Table Only
Duration: 3 Hours Approx
Starting time: 17:30 pm or 12:00
Group size:  4 guests
Surprise Menu: 8 courses & 4 wine pairings
Great experience for: Couples - Small groups - Food lovers - Food Photographers - Special Celebrations -
Unique evening

The Concept

Chef Abram and Cecilia love creating miningful events with a profound emotional resonance. They usually go through food to do so.

Emotion is key and that is part of their manifesto, so to speak. It has always been like that, especially these days.

The conception stage of all their experiences really peak ups when they find the location that resonates with their inner vision of the entire event. They seek for cozy and inviting places that show personality, at the same time. With a story to tell, able to inspire you, in any way.

It’s been a while since we wanted to create a new astonishing, surprising and blissful food concept for discerning travellers, for curious and epicurean palates… and that moment has finally come!

The Chef

Chef Abram is a professional Dutch chef with more than 20 years of experience in the finest restaurants of Benelux. Growing up between the cities of Amsterdam and Utrecht (his hometown) helped him to discover different cultural trends, unique culinary environments, and strong international business presence. It is in this early stage of his career he learned how travel and tourism are integral economic components that drive a perennial appetite and curiosity for creative culinary minds.

Executive Chef, Sous Chef, Culinary Manager, Culinary Developer and Owner. One of his most important adventures include the role of Food Consultant and then head chef for the famous Okura Hotel & Restaurant in Amsterdam where he organised, together with a team of 100 talented chefs, extra luxury catering for the Dutch Royal Family, the Japanese Imperial Family, Prime Ministers and the U.S. President in cooperation with the 2 Michelin Star Restaurant Ciel Blue.

He also had his own luxury lunchroom and deli shop in the center of Utrecht and his own private chefs agency for several years, providing catering and private fine dining services for high demanding customers across Europe.

In 2014 Abram moved to Turin to begin a new chapter of his life with the Italian wife Cecilia. He quickly fall in love with Torino, its rich gastronomic scene and his brand new job as a Food Concept designer and then Head Chef for a charming historical spot, which is part of a Michelin Star Concept.

In 2017, he co-founded with Cecilia I Eat. Food tours and events.

The Menu

Exclusive Food Experience with a private star chef

8 courses Unconventional Menu. Interactive, Multi Sensory.

Contemporary Cuisine with regional influence centred on locally grown and top notch ingredients

Award winning Piedmontese wines (4 wine pairings)

Exceptional Guest Service

Vintage Glam location with astonishing view to Torino’s attractions

Love, passion and skill working together to create your one of a kind experience

Please contact us the discover menu and prices.

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